How to make a vintage jacket that doesn’t need to be vintage

Vintage clothing stores and antique boutiques are still the big draw for many.But now there’s a way to make an outfit that’s not only fashionable, but also affordable and can be worn for as long as you like.These are the 10 most stylish, budget-friendly clothes from the past.1.The 1950s T-shirt This 1950s style T-Shirt looks […]

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Women’s fashion brand Butter Cloth has gone viral

Women’s clothing brand Buttercloth has been trending on social media.The brand has been gaining popularity in the past few years and is now being seen in many stores and online.The clothing brand is owned by the global family-owned company, The Company.The brands clothing line is called Butter Cloths and is a line of women’s clothing, […]

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#CosBabeBabe, #CosBabyBabe is getting married in a new catwalk show!

Catwalk shows are a huge part of the brand’s marketing strategy.According to BrandMD, CosBabe has seen a 70% growth in revenue and a 32% increase in spend per month.But in terms of merchandise sales, sales are down a whopping 56%.According to a new survey conducted by BrandMD (the same company that created the BrandMacy) CosBabes […]

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“Blair’s Clothing” to get an overhaul

In July 2018, we announced that Blair’s clothing brand would be rebranding and selling women’s clothing under the Blair name. The move was announced in partnership with Nova, which also operates Blairs clothing was one of the most recognizable brands in American history and is widely regarded as one of fashion’s most important brands, selling millions of items over […]

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Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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