How to dress to avoid being a victim of cybercrime

Israel is facing a new threat from hackers that are exploiting vulnerabilities in social media sites to spread malware and other cyberattacks, according to a report released Monday.

The threat has been on the rise, with attacks on social networks and the internet and even the United States, Israel’s top security official said.

The new report on cybercrime was prepared by the National Cybersecurity Center (NCSC) of Israel, the Israeli Cyber Institute and the Tel Aviv-based Institute for National Security Studies (INSS).

The NCSC was set up in 2012, and has since received funding from the Defense Ministry.

It is one of Israel’s primary national security agencies.

“The report does not specifically name Israel, but the government has been clear that the cyber threat against Israel is a serious and growing one,” said Shaul Cohen, the head of the NCSC.

“Israel is the target, and it has the right to defend itself against this threat.”

The NCSS report found that hackers used social media networks to launch cyberattacks against Israel, while cybercriminals in the US and Europe are targeting Israel’s infrastructure.

Hackers are targeting the Israeli military and government, while Israel’s most senior military officer is under scrutiny for his role in a hacking operation that disrupted a bank’s payments system.

In addition to targeting Israel, hackers are targeting organizations and organizations in Europe, including banks and credit card companies, according the report.

In response, the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has issued a warning to the world about cybercrime, urging governments to protect their networks.

Netanyahu has made cybercrime a top priority, and in December announced the establishment of a cybercrime unit, which will investigate and punish hackers and cybercriments.

Israel, which has the highest number of cyberattacks on the planet, has been fighting cyberattacks since 2008.

In January, Israeli cyber security firm Kaspersky Lab said it detected more than 1,600 new attacks, and the number of successful attacks in the past month was more than 6,000.