‘I’m not racist but I am an apologist’: An apology from a white man for his racist tweet about black people

An Alabama white man is apologizing for tweeting that “black people are not racist.”

The Alabama man, whose name has not been released, told reporters that he meant no offense.

“I’m sorry if it’s come across as insensitive to some people,” he said.

“But I am not racist and I am also not a bigot.”

The apology was offered by Alabama Governor Robert Bentley in a statement Monday night.

“While I am saddened and offended by the tweets, I’m not a racist,” Bentley said.

“[It is] an apology for a tweet I made, which I regret and I have apologized to the Black Lives Matter movement.”

Bentley, a former Alabama Supreme Court justice, said that he was “very proud” of Bentley’s support of the movement to end police brutality against black Americans.

“Alabama is not an anomaly.

The people of Alabama know that black lives matter, and Alabama will not tolerate violence against Black people, which is why I am working hard to make this state a safer, more just place,” Bentley added.

The backlash from Bentley’s apology has drawn criticism from civil rights leaders and Black Lives Matters protesters.

“Bentleys support of this movement is not surprising.

This movement is nothing more than an attempt to marginalize and divide us,” said Cornel West, a leading activist with Black Lives Politics.”

What is shocking is that a white, Christian white man, with the backing of the Governor of Alabama, would endorse this movement,” West added.

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