I’m not an actress, but I am a designer. You may not believe me, but you will.

The “Darth Vader” movie trilogy has been a huge hit and many have argued that the new film is one of the biggest hits of all time.

However, a recent interview by actress Kate Mara shows that she has a different opinion on the matter.

Mara was asked to comment on the success of the new “Star Wars” film and how it compares to the first movie.

Mara told The Hollywood Reporter: ‘ I think it’s an amazing success, and I think people should be proud of themselves for that.

‘It’s a testament to the people that were working on the first film and the creativity that was going on in that process.

‘There are so many people who didn’t get the credit that they deserved for making this thing work and the success that they had.’

‘I think it should be celebrated and applauded and honored.

I don’t think it was an insult to those people.

I think the fans deserved it, and if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have done this.

‘And for them to be happy and be in awe of me for doing it.

I didn’t think of myself as an actress.

I was doing this to entertain myself.

‘I would never have thought I would be a filmmaker, but the way it came together and the way that I got involved was just really rewarding.

‘In terms of the movie itself, I’m so glad it’s happening because I don’t want to think about the sequel, because that would be like saying, “Oh, he was a Jedi Master!”‘

I was so surprised at how it was coming together, I had to take it personally.’

Mara, who is currently filming “Ghost Rider” in Los Angeles, also talked about her recent role as a guest star in the new ABC series “Once Upon a Time.”

‘It was really nice to get to play that part and really have a fun time and really make a difference,’ she told The Associated Press.

‘My first season in the show was really, really fun and fun, and the second season, I just want to do it again.’

Mara is currently working on a sequel to “Once upon a Time” and “Once” actress Kristen Bell is currently in talks to play a character in the first installment.

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