How to make a vintage jacket that doesn’t need to be vintage

Vintage clothing stores and antique boutiques are still the big draw for many.

But now there’s a way to make an outfit that’s not only fashionable, but also affordable and can be worn for as long as you like.

These are the 10 most stylish, budget-friendly clothes from the past.


The 1950s T-shirt This 1950s style T-Shirt looks a lot like a real one.

But it’s made from wool, cotton, and cotton-blend fabrics.

Its colour palette is also slightly different, with darker shades of grey, pink, and blue.


A vintage wool jacket from 1959 This 1960s Tshirt is made from cotton wool.

Its classic design, along with its soft feel and good durability make it an ideal choice for when you want something that won’t break.


A wool jacket for a new mother A wool coat from 1960s was a bit too big for me.

I’d say that’s a shame, because I love this coat.

Its soft feel, and its low-profile fit make it perfect for a casual day.


A 1960s wool jacket This 1960’s wool jacket looks great with its simple and classic design.

Its easy to wash, and the soft feel of the fabric make it a great choice for a night out or in the garden.


Vintage cotton wool jacket An interesting look at a vintage cotton wool coat.

It is made of cotton wool and was originally made to be worn by women in the 1930s.

It has a good feel and is perfect for lounging in the sun.


Vintage wool suit jacket A classic vintage wool suit coat from the 1920s.

Its modern styling makes it a perfect choice for louming in the shade or loungering in the warm.


A 1930s wool coat A 1930’s wool coat looks like a good buy, especially if you love vintage clothing.

Its slim fit makes it ideal for louking in the sunshine or louting in the hot.


A 1950s wool dresscoat A 1950’s wool dress coat is made out of wool.

The soft feel is perfect, and it is also easy to wear in the rain.


Vintage silk silk dresscoat Vintage silk dress coats are very popular, but they are not cheap, so if you want a classic style, try a vintage silk one.

It can be very flattering on a woman or a man.


A 1940s silk dress dresscoat This 1940s dresscoat is made by the designer of the classic 1940s dresses.

Its low-cut neckline is perfect to show off a beautiful skirt.