A woman in jeans in a cave, a pair of boots in the sand

A woman wearing jeans and a pair that look like boots is walking in a desert and she’s in the midst of a transformation.

The young woman has a new look, but her old clothes are still there.

She’s on a hike in a canyon in Israel, where the ancient caves are being converted into a public park.

She has a pair for the trek, and when she sees an old pair of jeans, she realizes that she is still wearing those jeans, a decision she has made, as she explains.

The woman says that she’s been wearing jeans for about a month.

“I have the same old jeans,” she said.

“They’re from when I was in the military and I couldn’t go to the military, so I went to the park, wore them for a while, and finally decided to wear them again.

It’s the first time I have worn them.”

The man who is walking beside her says that he has never had a pair.

“It’s really sad, I thought, I need a pair,” he said.

It’s not only about clothes.

The women are also working in the parks and are looking for jobs, as the jobs have become difficult for the women to find, especially in the desert.

The unemployment rate among young people in Israel is almost 40 percent.

In the park where the woman was hiking, the unemployment rate is almost 20 percent.

“The people are really hard to work with,” said the man, who asked to be identified only by his first name, Zohar.

He said that he lost his job a few years ago, when the government closed the park and made it difficult for young people to find work.

Zohar and other young people who work in parks say that they often don’t have a place to sleep, and that their employers do not provide them with enough money to live in their homes.

“We’re not getting a decent wage,” said Zohara.

“And then they take all of the money and give it to the government.”‘

I think it’s very important’It is difficult to tell what the change in society means for the men who work at parks and for the young people like Zoharah, who are finding it harder to find jobs.

The change is even more noticeable for young women, who have a higher unemployment rate than their male counterparts.

The jobless rate among women is nearly 25 percent.

It is also a much higher rate among the young men, who make up almost half of the park workers.

“In my age group, we are a very poor class, so there are many more people without work than there are with work,” said Shmuel Hirsch, a 26-year-old construction worker who is unemployed.

“So we are very poor.”

Many of the young women who work here say that there are no jobs for them, but that the change of clothes is a welcome change.

“This is a really good change, because it is a change of life,” said Mitzi.

“When I came here, my clothes were made for me.

Now I can dress as I want.

I think it is very important for me to dress like this.”

Hirsch added, “It makes me feel like a normal person.”

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