What to know about the new clothing store in the heart of Jerusalem

The new clothing shop in Jerusalem’s Old City has become the focus of an uproar over its logo, which includes the words “chnge” and “clothing.”

The new store, located in a busy intersection in the Old City, features an open floor plan and a wide selection of clothing for men, women and children.

Its opening was welcomed by some, with some praising it as a welcome sign of change in the city.

But others questioned the propriety of using the term “chnei” in a name that implies gender segregation.

The shop, called the Chnge, is part of the broader retail chain Chnep, owned by the company Chaim and Yoel Shaul.

The name refers to a chanel, a wooden platform, located near the door of a Jewish synagogue in the Jewish settlement of Ma’aleh Adumim, where Jews have been allowed to pray for thousands of years.

The Chnges clothing line is modeled after an early European-style style of Jewish clothing called chanels, with designs similar to the ones worn by the wealthy men and women of the European colonial era.

The clothes are designed to be comfortable and have a feminine feel, while at the same time keeping the cost down.

The new clothing line in Jerusalem is not part of Chneps extensive retail chain.

However, it is a part of a larger effort to diversify its offerings and expand the company’s presence in the capital.

Jerusalem has a diverse population and many have no idea what to do with the term chnei, said Tzvi Rabinowitz, director of the Center for Israel Studies at Tel Aviv University.

Rabinowitz said the Chnei name should not be associated with segregation.

“It’s not acceptable to use a name like that that means gender segregation,” he said.

“If you want to be called chneis, use a good name like Chneil.

It means ‘good people,’ ‘good Jews’ and ‘people of the spirit,'” Rabinowski said.