How to wear your favourite grunge clothes for the day

By wearing a pair of grunge jeans and a pair a boots you’ll be doing a lot to look like a rockstar, but also make you look like the sort of guy who gets into fights with a pack of teenagers.

So, here’s what you need to know about wearing your favourite clothing for the week ahead.1.

Get comfortable2.

Wash your hands and wash your face3.

Buy your own jeans4.

Wash and dry your shoes5.

Go for a walk in your local park6.

Get in shape7.

Play a musical instrument8.

Go out for a run9.

Take a hike10.

Have a shower11.

Play with a baby, and listen to it in your ear12.

Make a list of your favourite movies and TV shows13.

Dress for the weather14.

Go on a bike ride15.

Get an earbud16.

Go camping17.

Take your dog for a ride18.

Play some tennis19.

Go to a film festival20.

Go swimming21.

Go skiing22.

Eat a healthy snack23.

Take the dog out for lunch24.

Eat some chocolate25.

Have some tea and cookies26.

Go bowling27.

Go dancing28.

Take an ice-cream break29.

Go backpacking30.

Read a book31.

Take some walks32.

Do a bit of dancing33.

Go through the door34.

Make some homemade coffee and tea35.

Go into your favourite book store and buy yourself a new one36.

Go in to a shop and buy your favourite pair of shoes37.

Go shopping for a new pair of glasses38.

Take that new pair off your finger39.

Take it to a friend who’s not wearing it40.

Make sure your baby gets a pair, or get someone else to take them off41.

Make the most of your free time to have a bit more time42.

Buy yourself a second pair of jeans43.

Buy a pair for your friends44.

Make yourself some new shoes45.

Get a new haircut46.

Get on a new bike and ride to the shops47.

Go down to a bar and have some drinks48.

Do some reading49.

Go hunting for something to watch50.

Go walking on a beach51.

Take in some great music52.

Go hiking53.

Take up yoga54.

Go riding the cycle path55.

Do something fun and interactive56.

Go exploring57.

Get into a fight with your mates58.

Go running in the park59.

Go playing tennis60.

Go climbing in a park61.

Get to the bottom of a mystery and make your friends understand what you’re really up to.62.

Make it a weekend!63.

Get your kids out to the park64.

Get out of the house and go for a hike65.

Go fishing66.

Go biking67.

Go rock climbing68.

Go painting69.

Go taking a walk with your friends70.

Go doing your own shopping71.

Go surfing on a wave72.

Go canoeing73.

Go kayaking74.

Go snowboarding75.

Go diving76.

Go sailing77.

Go mountain biking78.

Go bird watching79.

Go ice-skating80.

Go cycling to the beach81.

Go yoga on a yoga mat82.

Go kiteboarding with your dog83.

Go a kite-flying flight84.

Go fly a kitesurfing flight85.

Go going to a party86.

Go learning how to cook a meal87.

Go baking88.

Go making cake for your husband89.

Go cleaning your house90.

Go having a baby91.

Go visiting your mum92.

Go eating a steak 93.

Go getting your hair done94.

Go buying a new hat95.

Go building your own house96.

Go gardening97.

Go helping your daughter98.

Go singing for a crowd99.

Go washing dishes100.

Go organising a Christmas party101.

Go celebrating Christmas with your family102.

Go planning your birthday party103.

Go dressing up as Santa104.

Go putting together a costume105.

Go trying to get your baby dressed for the holidays106.

Go wearing your new hairdresser107.

Go preparing a big dinner for your family108.

Go setting up your holiday party109.

Go attending a wedding party110.

Go travelling to your favourite venue111.

Go seeing your favourite movie112.

Go shooting the breeze113.

Go hanging out with your parents114.

Go enjoying some wine115.

Go cooking up a meal116.

Go reading the newspaper117.

Go relaxing in your favourite park118.

Go looking at the stars119.

Go driving your car120.

Go catching up on your favourite TV show121.

Go working on your garden122.

Go sitting on your sofa123.

Go showering124.

Go exercising125.

Go checking out the new dress you just bought126.

Go heading out to your first day of school127. Go