‘You’re not going to see a Zara for a while’: Retailers react to Ivanka Trump’s fashion line

By RICHARD KANEK, Reuters • NEW YORK — In a rare move, Zara, the popular designer of high-end maternity wear and baby essentials, is ending a relationship with Ivanka Trump after her father, President Donald Trump, became embroiled in a dispute over the clothing line.

Zara announced Thursday that it was severing ties with Trump’s adult daughter, as the Trump family sought to settle their dispute over a controversial line of maternity and baby clothes.

The decision to end the deal was first reported by the New York Times.

Ivanka Trump said in a statement that she was saddened and disappointed to hear that Zara was ending the deal.

“I would like to thank Zara and my family for their loyal service and dedication over the past several years,” she said.

Zola, a French-Italian clothing brand that has been based in New York since 2002, has been a fixture in the U.S. fashion scene since it began in the 1980s.

Zova is known for its affordable, contemporary, and playful silhouettes.

Ivanka’s father, Donald Trump Jr., and his wife, Melania Trump, are longtime business partners and have taken part in numerous philanthropic efforts.

Ivanka has been featured in many Zara ads, including one for a Trump Foundation clothing line and one for Zara.

In a statement, Zola said it was also ending its relationship with the Trump brand, which the company calls “a trusted ally and a valued partner.”

Ivanka, who has also made appearances at fashion shows in New Jersey and Florida, has made it clear that she intends to continue to run her own business and continue her philanthropic work.

“Zara has been an indispensable part of my life and I am grateful to them for their tireless commitment to our brand, the business and the women who work there,” Ivanka said in the statement.

“While Zara has always been supportive of Ivanka, the timing and nature of this situation is not in keeping with our shared goals for the brand.”

Ivanka said that she has no plans to leave her father’s businesses.

Zosa, a line of clothing made for young women and girls, was founded in 1980 by American designer Hana Goudar.

The line, which is made of high quality wool and suede, has sold more than $1 billion in goods worldwide.

Zavala has sold millions of dollars in clothing and accessories since it was launched in 2009, according to company officials.

The company is headquartered in Israel and the United States.

In the years following Ivanka’s wedding to Jared Kushner, Zavla became a popular and trusted brand.

Zera’s line, while not entirely original, has often featured silhouettes that are reminiscent of Ivanka’s looks.

A photo of Ivanka wearing a Zavara gown was shared widely on social media, and the company was featured in the 2016 documentary The People vs. O.J. Simpson.

Zvaa, which has also sold millions in merchandise, is an adult fashion brand that was launched by two of the most successful men in the world.

The brand was designed by famed fashion designer Michael Bierut and is made with premium quality wool.

The collection, which includes dresses, skirts, shoes, pants, and accessories, has garnered awards from the British Fashion Awards and American Apparel, among others.

In an interview with the Associated Press last year, Zevaa chief executive Tania Nogaro said she hoped to continue working with Ivanka’s businesses after she retires from the company.

“We are all family,” she told the AP.

“The future is bright.”

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