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A baby clothes shop in Australia is selling cute baby outfits to help kids with ADHD. shop in South Australia, the Australian branch of the Baby Shop Alliance, is offering the outfits for a discounted price.

“It’s a way to help children and their parents and it’s an excellent way to give back to our community,” the store’s director, Heather Tabor, said.

“I think we’ve been inundated with kids asking for baby clothes so I think it’s really nice to try something different.”

Baby clothes are available in a range of styles and colours, from baby boots and blankets to baby pillows and baby comforters.

The Baby Shop Association is a community of people who are interested in buying and selling baby clothes.

“We’re working with parents to create the perfect little Christmas present for their children,” Ms Tabor said.

Baby clothes can be used for many different things, from helping kids with learning difficulties to caring for them in hospital.

Ms Tabor explained how parents can try out different baby clothes styles and get advice on how to best use the products.

“The baby clothes can also be used to make baby blankets or baby comferts, so they’re not just for babies.”

There’s also baby baby hats, baby ponchos, baby hats for toddlers and baby mittens for children aged three to four.

“Baby shop owners and retailers are also helping families get some inspiration for their own baby clothes, and even offering tips on how best to use the clothing.”

A lot of parents say that when they buy their first baby clothes they have never used them and they’ve never had any problems,” Ms Sorensen said.

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